About UYM Charities

Originally founded in 1980, UYM Charities (UYM) is a private, governmentally chartered, non-denominational religious organization organized in New York State under Article 9, religious law, and operates as a 501(c)(3) under the IRC Code of 1954.

Although our original function was to support—and provide a place for—abused women and children, we expanded our mission and outreach through the years to include assistance for seniors and disabled adults in need. Today, UYM and its affiliates/partners help thousands of vulnerable people annually.




Affordable Housing 

As the U.S. population continues to age, the demand for services that will enable elders to age with dignity and security in the safety and comfort of their own homes will increase dramatically. With this in mind, UYM is partnering with real estate investors and housing developers to create affordable housing for vulnerable populations, which primarily include seniors.

With a capital investment, UYM can extend to investors various tax benefits it receives as a private, governmentally chartered, non-denominational religious organization. These benefits enable investors and developers to use their monies more wisely in the new construction of—or through the purchase and conversion of existing structures into—affordable housing.

Family Foundation (UYM Family Charter Church) 

Tax benefits represent one reason for starting a family foundation, but there are other reasons. One important consideration is that family foundations can consistently fund a variety of charitable causes, which can in turn support the surrounding communities over many years. A family foundation can also create a lasting legacy in a loved one’s name and honor that individual even after he/she has passed away.

With a financial investment that varies depending on your goals, families can better control their money and invest in the communities and causes that mean the most to them. Donors may make tax-deductible donations to their own family foundation and, as foundation trustees, remain in control of the investment and management of the funds as well the final charitable disposition of the gifts.