We serve the vulnerable…


Affordable Housing

Through in-home programs offered by various affiliates, UYM seeks to create “Nursing Homes without Walls”™ to meet the need of an aging population.

Family Foundations

With a financial investment that varies depending on philanthropic goals, families can better control their money through a UYM Family Foundation.

Probate Properties

Providing tax benefits to individuals and families, donated properties also serve as sources of financial support or housing for vulnerable people in need.

Our Mission

Our Mission is simple: Make a Difference.

With government programs often failing to meet current needs, UYM works creatively with the for-profit sector, individuals and families “to make a difference.”


“UYM helped when nothing else could.” 
–John and Susan Franz 

News & Updates

NY-Based Nonprofit to Expand

For more than 30 years, UYM CHARITIES (UYM) has worked successfully on Long Island, New York to help those in need. In recent years, however, the nondenominational religious charity has made a name… 

UYM Charities Helps Elders

There are now more Americans age 65 and older than at any other time in our nation’s history, while those 85 years and older are projected to increase 147% in the next 40 years …

UYM Partners with Exponential Squared

As part of its expansion into New England, UYM CHARITIES (UYM) has entered into a formal partnership with Exponential Squared, a strategic marketing and organizational development firm… 

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We serve the vulnerable…

Physically Challenged

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