Probate Properties

Have you inherited a piece of real estate, or do you own a property that no longer makes fiscal sense, you may want to consider donating it to UYM Charities

UYM Charities is a 50% charitable organization under section 170 of the IRC code of 1954. This designation provides you with benefits not available with other charitable institutions.



Why UYM?

3 Reasons to donate your property to UYM.

  1. Accrual of tax benefits.
  2. Ability to pay down penalties imposed by government regulators.
  3. Avoidance of the costs associated to maintain, market or demolish ‘blighted’ properties.

The Rationale

  1. It is not easy to move every home in which you are financially vested. Some homes are difficult to sell for a variety of reasons.
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  3. By making a charitable donation to UYM, you reduce future obligations on your end and gain tax benefits.
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  5. UYM has also developed a housing program in which investors and construction companies can participate, so we may all leverage our respective strengths and assets.

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