Mission Statement

UYM Charities Family Ministries (under the umbrella of UYM Charities) is committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of the elderly, children, disabled, veterans and the underserved.


Founded in 1980, UYM broadened its focus on direct service provision and administration through the years to include the development of strategic fundraising and philanthropic partnerships. These partnerships now include Charter Churches. In helping to build Charter Churches, UYM can better leverage available resources to reach more people in need. Developing and promoting charter churches—each with unique missions to help others—UYM can reach more people in need across the nation. 

Why work with UYM Charities Family Ministries?

UYM is organized as an IRC section 501(c) (3) with its consequent charitable deductible benefits under section 170 of the IRC code of 1954 (said 1954 code under which UYM was created). UYM and its Charter Churches (Family Ministries) are not required to file an annual return or notice with the IRS.

What this means for those interested in starting a UYM Charities Charter Church (Family Ministry) is that such persons may better control their money, while at the same time give back to charitable causes in their respective communities.

UYM Charities Family Ministries must comply with the IRS Rules and Regulations governing foundation and must report to UYM Charities Compliance Team as stated below. Outside donations must be forwarded to the UYM Charities Compliance Team for processing and completion of all required documentation. UYM Charities will receive 10% of each donation in support of it mission.


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